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7 fast-casual concepts worth watching

Will any be the next Sweetgreen?

First came the Chipotle-ization of everything, and then the Sweetgreen-ification. Now, rather than emulate their predecessors, a new wave of fast-casual concepts is doing their own thing.

These up-and-coming concepts remain true to the fast-casual tenets of convenience and high-quality food at an affordable price. But the chefs and restaurateurs behind them have applied a personal stamp to these brands and are attempting to forge a new path, whether elevating the lesser-known dishes of their native culture, taking plant-based menus mainstream or finding a new spin on what’s already popular (we’re talkin’ to you, Chinese take-out).

Here are seven concepts riding their own wave that we think are worth watching.

Correction: May 14, 2019
This story has been updated to correct the number of Glaze Teriyaki units in Chicago.
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