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New on the menu: Purple challah and smoked redfish dip

Plus spaghetti with lobster, risotto with scallops, and a citrus-anise cocktail

Ube, the purple yam from the Philippines, is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient, particularly because its attractive color plays well on social media. At Bea’s Bakery in Los Angeles it’s being baked into challah, giving it not just a distinctive appearance but a sweet, earthy, and nutty flavor.

On the other side of the country, the Central Park Boathouse has reopened in New York City, and its chef, Adam Fiscus, is making an upscale pasta dish with house-made spaghetti and lobster.

Further south in that city, on the Lower East Side, a new bar called Only Love Strangers is serving a cocktail named Acid, and named after acid jazz.

In New Orleans, at Beggars Banquet, named for the Rolling Stones album, chef and owner Michael Dilonno, originally from New Jersey is adjusting to his new home by using a favorite local seafood — redfish.

Scallops are on the menu at Oak Steakhouse in Alexandria, Va., where chef Josh Mitchell is serving them with risotto, squash, rutabaga, and shishito peppers.

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