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New on the menu: Eggplant ‘shoes’ and Lebanese flatbread

Plus seafood charcuterie, an Indian chicken burger, and a cocktail in a beer glass

McDonald’s in India doesn’t serve beef, because many Hindus don’t eat it, so the chain’s Maharaja Mac is made with ground chicken patties instead, and the Indian version of Mac sauce is rich with coriander.

That might not have anything to do with the Chicken Kofta Burger at Aba Miami, but it is part of modern Indian tradition, and so, now, is the new burger, inspired by the kebabs at the restaurant’s sister location in Chicago.

An emerging American tradition is “Seacuterie,” or charcuterie made with seafood, and a new iteration of it is on the menu at Alaluna in New York City.

At Joon, a Persian restaurant that Najmieh Batmanglij and Chris Morgan opened in the D.C. suburb of Vienna, Va., last year, the chefs offer a Lebanese version of the Eastern Mediterranean flatbread lahmachun, and at Kosmos in Walpole, Mass., a Greek stuffed eggplant dish has been added to the menu for spring. 

And to wash all of that down, if you happen to be in Yorba Linda, Calif., is the Raspberry Beret at The Blind Pig Kitchen & Bar, which has a base of bar manager Jason Friedman’s own inventions, Bearberry liqueur. 

Why it’s not called the Raspbeary Beret is a mystery.

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