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The stories here display the courage, resiliency and generosity of those in the restaurant industry.

Restaurant operators share their stories of survival in unprecedented times

Dispatches from the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic

Unplugging the nation’s economy, even temporarily, has had an astounding effect on independent restaurants across the country. For hundreds of thousands of restaurant operators out there, this has been a period of extreme frustration, agonizing decisions, fear and stress.

But for many it has also been a time to embrace family and community, an opportunity for innovation and a chance to reset.

We wanted to hear your stories, so we asked operators across the country to share dispatches from the front lines. We’re sharing them here, and updating with more every week.

These chefs and restaurateurs walked us through how they approached decisions with no right answers. Some overhauled their business models to keep the doors open. Others decided to temporarily close entirely. Many were forced to cut staff. And those that were able to keep employees working faced heightened responsibility around their personal safety. They also shared how they’re coping personally, and what future they see for their businesses and the industry.

The stories here display the courage, resiliency and generosity of those in the restaurant industry.

Juan Padró, Culinary Creative

Kevin Lillis, Jackson

Shaun Garcia, Soby's

Aaron Deal, The River and Rail

Taylor Lanzet, Dig

Henry Rich, Oberson Group

Nick Kokonas, Alinea & Tock

Sean Fowler, Mandolin

Sahil Rahman and Rahul Vinod, Rasa

Elizabeth Blau, Blau Associates

Angie Kim, Interstellar

Nikky Phinyawatana, Asian Mint

John Winterman, Francie

Frank Ostini, The Hitching Post II Restaurant and Winery

Drew Ward, Artisanal Brewing Ventures

Brendan Vesey, Botanica Restaurant and Gin Bar

Shachi Mehra, ADYA

Alan Sternberg, Common House Supper Club

Sam Marvin, Echo & Rig and Pluck

Mark Ellman, Honu and Frida’s Beach House

Andrew Faour, The Pub at Chino Hills

Matt Gottlieb and Robert Quick, il Bracco

Delores Tronco-DePierro, The Banty Rooster

Mario Marovic, Lounge Group

Veljko Pavicevic, Sails

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