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Video: Bartolotta Restaurants execs on sustaining a successful family business

Co-owner Paul Bartolotta and COO Keith Trafton speak on growing the closely-held company

Paul Bartolotta, chef and co-owner of Milwaukee, Wis.-based The Bartolotta Restaurants, participated as a speaker at the Family & Closely Held Business Summit presented by BizTimes Media on June 13.

Bartolotta was joined by the restaurant group's chief operating officer and managing partner Keith Trafton during their presentation at the event, which took place in Milwaukee. The co-owner shared details on what it took to start The Bartolotta Restaurants with his brother, Joe Bartolotta, who recently passed away in April

Both he and Trafton spoke on the issues pertaining to growing a successful family business and how their company handles everything from maintaining the same philosophy and culture for the brand as it expands to succession planning.

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