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Jeremy Fox debuts personal concept in California

Birdie G’s is his newest restaurant with Rustic Canyon group

Acclaimed chef Jeremy Fox has added a new venture to the Rustic Canyon Family collection of restaurants.

Birdie G’s has a menu inspired by the evolution of traditional family dishes as they filter through generations. It was also inspired by its location in a former art museum that was also once home to a railway station, a celery packing plant and an ice cream factory, making this concept both personal and broad.

Rustic Canyon Family is a collection of neighborhood restaurants started in 2006 and based in Santa Monica which includes nine other concepts including the first restaurant, Rustic Canyon, Tallula’s, Milo SRO (a standing-room-only pizza parlor), and Huckleberry Bakery and Cafe. Tallula’s and Rustic Canyon are both run in collaboration with Fox, making this the third restaurant between him and Rustic Canyon co-owner Josh Loeb.

Get a closer look inside.

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Correction: July 02, 2019
This story has been updated to correctly distinguish that the Caviar and the Poona Kheera Cucumbers are part of separate dishes.
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