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2014 RH 25: The coolest multi-concept companies

2014 RH 25: The coolest multi-concept companies

The best and brightest restaurant companies are not just creating one great concept; they're creating many. See Restaurant Hospitality's picks for powerful multiconcept companies that not only play it cool, they kick ass.

RH writes about the “cool factor” frequently because everyone loves hanging out in cool restaurants. It’s that simple ... and not so simple. If creating a restaurant with the “it” factor was easy, every restaurant would be cool. We all know they’re not.

Now imagine being a multi-concept restaurant company that aims to deliver that certain something for all its restaurants. It’s difficult enough to create one restaurant that attracts lines of customers before it’s ever open. Envision doing it over and over again. What you’ll find on the following pages are multi-concept companies that do just that—deliver the cool factor, one restaurant after another.

For the purposes of this feature, we stayed away from the ginormous companies with ridiculously deep pockets. The companies we feature here are ones on the rise and not Goliaths like Lettuce Entertain You, Patina Restaurant Group and the like. So check them out. You may learn something about how to deliver cool, which will make your accountant very happy.

Because there's a lot to read here, we've split up The Cool 25 into five sections. Each week we will give you profiles of five multi-concept companies, in no particular order of importance. So, be cool and read on.

—The Editors

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