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Caribbean Fish Chowder

INGREDIENTS:1 cup okra, diced
1-2 cups fresh corn kernels
1½ finely chopped Scotch bonnet peppers (can add more or less depending on how much heat you like)
¼ cup olive oil
14 oz. clam juice
14 oz. chopped clams
1 lb. crabmeat
1 ½ lbs. fresh fish (use a variety of types such as salmon, sea bass, tuna, scallops)
14 oz. tomato juice
1 oz. oregano
1 oz. parsley
1 oz. thyme
1 oz. Worcestershire sauce
1 pinch ground cloves
4-5 bay leavesDIRECTIONS:Saute okra, corn, Scotch bonnet peppers in olive oil until cooked through. Add clam juice, chopped clams and crabmeat. Bring to a boil. Add fish. Cook until heated through. Add tomato juice, oregano, parsley, thyme, Worcestershire sauce, ground cloves and bay leaves. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to simmer. Add salt and pepper to taste. SERVINGS:6-8 entree servingsFrom:From Sundy House Restaurant, Delray Beach, Fla.