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Chew on this: The changing code of restaurant reservations

Chew on this: The changing code of restaurant reservations

Restaurants are creating new reservations systems, and even eschewing them altogether. Concepts are rethinking how they market breakfast. Pizza operators say implementing menu labeling would present major logistical hurdles. Baby boomers are increasingly dining out. And New Hampshire is seeking to tax restaurant employees' tips.

Restaurants change reservations policies. Increasingly, hot spots eschew reservations altogether. (Fox News)

Marketers see opportunity in breakfast. Restaurants are rethinking the morning daypart. (Advertising Age)

Pizza segment delays menu labeling. Operators say the cost of new signage would create a logistical nightmare. (Bloomberg)

Baby boomer restaurant visits rise. Restaurant visits by boomers have grown steadily over the past five years, The NPD Group finds. (Booming/The New York Times)

• New Hampshire seeks to tax tips. Restaurant owners oppose a proposal to tax employees' tips as businesses' income. (New Hampshire Union Leader)

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