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RH Regional Powerhouses
RUI_Palisade_Sunset_Exterior.png Restaurants Unlimited Inc.
Palisade Restaurant in Seattle

2018 RH 25: Restaurants Unlimited Inc.

Creating loyalty as a diverse group

The 2018 class of Restaurant Hospitality's annual RH 25 looks at bold moves made by multiconcept operators — the companies that are crossing segments, shifting operations, building big or pivoting in some way. There is no ranking. These are companies to watch. See all concepts >>

HQ: Seattle

Leadership: Jim Eschweiler, CEO

Systemwide sales FY2017: Not disclosed

Concepts: 19 restaurant brands in 42 locations throughout the U.S., including multiple units of Henry’s Tavern, Kincaid’s, Palomino Restaurant & Bar, Portland Seafood Company and Stanford’s

Jim Eschweiler, CEO of Restaurants Unlimited, Inc., said technology is changing lifestyles and the way people shop and socialize, and restaurants must keep up.


Restaurants Unlimited Inc.

Portland City Grill is among the concepts to benefit from the group’s loyalty app.

“We are focused on evolving our experience in what we provide to match today’s environment, and today’s guest,” he said.

The company recently debuted an all-on-one app that directs customers to each of its brands. The app is not for ordering, though that is likely to happen in the future. It is, instead, designed to generate loyalty and frequency as it allows customers to combine loyalty points from each restaurant that can be redeemed at any location operated by the group.

Though most of the group’s restaurants are one-offs or have only a few locations, Eschweiler, a former Starbucks executive, said the single app is “good marketing, and ties the brands together.” The company is also testing online ordering and pay ahead at a few of its multi-unit concepts including Henry’s Tavern and Palomino Restaurant & Bar. Eventually, online ordering will roll out to more units, he said.

Seeing off-premise business as a growth opportunity Eschweiler said RUI wants to make sure they are serving guests where they want to be, which is oftentimes in their living room or office.

Update October 3, 2018 This article has been updated to clarify the portfolio of concepts from Restaurants Unlimited, Inc.

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