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10 technologies that have made a real difference for restaurants

Operators identify innovations that are changing the game

Running a restaurant will always fundamentally be about food and drink. But operators today must be willing to dive into the deep-end when it comes to technology.

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Every day, it seems there is a new innovation or groundbreaking shift that could impact the way a restaurant operates. And as third-party technology players grow, so do the number of features and integrated partnerships that come with their services. Competition for the operator’s attention is stiff.

But, in all the clutter of new technology, what really makes a difference?

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Restaurant Hospitality asked operators across the country what they have found to be truly game-changing for their operations. (Hint: almost all said a shift to a cloud-based point-of-sale system was a turning point that also opened other doors.)

Here’s a look at the technologies that are making operators’ lives a bit easier.

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