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A Mad Max-inspired food truck goes brick-and-mortar with Piccalilli in Los Angeles

This restaurant’s whimsical design is photo friendly and ready for its close up

Chefs Macks Collins and Bryan Kidwell, East Coasters who moved to L.A. with a Mad Max-inspired food truck (Mad Pambazos) and a dream, found a permanent home for their cuisine and aesthetic with Piccalilli, a California-Asian restaurant that opened last week.

The whimsical spins on fine dining with bright flavors and fire-based cooking are plated in highly visual, ready-for-my-closeup style. The chefs partnered with Asheville, N.C.-based potter Crazy Green Studios for custom ceramic plating to frame each dish.

Piccalilli is reportedly one of the first instances of directional black light used in a restaurant, so guests’ photos of snapper crudo, pre-Prohibition cocktails and Thai banana hush puppies will be literally “lit.” The directional black light was designed by lighting designer John Barlow and results in dishes that appear more color-saturated.

The backdrop behind the food is just as attention grabbing: Collins and Kidwell partnered with hospitality design studio Preen Inc. for a style that blends tropical and futuristic punctuated by conversation-starting art and on-trend colors like emerald, sea foam and cobalt.

Here's a look a Piccalilli.

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