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Amanda Cohen enters the plant-based burger battles

Dirt Candy chef/owner launches Lekka in NYC

Amanda Cohen, chef and owner of the vegetable-focused New York restaurant Dirt Candy, has launched a new burger concept.

Dubbed Lekka, which means “awesome” and “delicious” in Afrikaans slang, this plant-based burger restaurant was created in partnership with South African humanitarian Andrea Kerzner, known for the at-risk-youth arts program Lalela.

Lekka was inspired by Cohen’s 25-year career in plant-based foods and Kerzner’s passion for sustainability. While Kerzner’s background is in humanitarian work, she has partnered with Cohen to reduce the carbon footprint of a traditional restaurant with its focus on plants rather than meat.

This fast casual restaurant uses eco-friendly and biodegradable materials, from tea bags to cups, to further the brand’s sustainability goals. Even the light fixtures are made from repurposed plastic bottles.

Read about the new restaurant here.

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