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New on the Menu

New on the Menu: Cacio e Pepe Dip and French Apple Soup

Restaurant Hospitality looks at new and innovative food and beverage items trending across the independent restaurant landscape

This time we’re featuring a lot of restaurants from New York City — always a hotbed of creativity — including a new cocktail bar near Grand Central Terminal whose chef is Momofuku alumnus Tien Ho, who has an answer for people who love cacio e pepe but might want to trim down on carbs, or not get pasta stains on their shirt.

Not too far away, near Times Square, John Fraser is continuing to display his vegetarian prowess with a delicate dish featuring three types of mushrooms.

Taking a meatier tack up the street at the new Carnegie Diner & Café, Stathis Antonakopoulos uses a simple Greek marinade to flavor American-style ribs.

In Miami, Brad Kilgore is at it again at Alter, where his tasting menu includes an apple-forward interpretation of French onion soup, enhanced by fermented apples meant to act like Japanese bonito flakes.

Finally, in St. Louis, chef Ny Vongsaly is rubbing beef with coffee to create his own take on carpaccio at Billy Jean in St. Louis.

Read on to learn more about these innovative dishes that are new on the menu.

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