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New on the Menu: Restaurants, closed due to coronavirus, develop new food and drink items

Innovations from Cote, Castle Hot Springs, Shilling Canning Company, Seoul Taco and Prairie Grass Cafe

Restaurateurs now realize that they’re not going to be able to reopen their dining rooms for quite some time — how long is anybody’s guess.

But the world keeps turning and the crops on Castle Hot Springs’ farm keep growing. So the Arizona resort is packing them up CSA-style, selling them and donating the profits to charity.

Other restaurateurs are parlaying their relationships with suppliers to sell great raw ingredients to their customers. Cote, a Korean steakhouse in New York City, has access to great dry-aged beef, so it’s selling the steaks for their guests to cook at home, and providing plenty of banchan to go with them.

Sarah Stegner is taking a similar approach at Prairie Grass Café in Northbrook, Ill., offering super-fresh fish fillets available for pickup on Mondays.

Others are taking the meal-kit route, such as Seoul Taco, a six-unit chain in Chicago and St. Louis, which is packing up the fixings necessary for people to make their own tacos while socially distancing.

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