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New on the Menu: Local ratatouille, a beer float and blue cornbread

Plus a pretty cocktail with a violent name and a s’mores cheesecake

Even in 2021, vegan entrées are often not given the respect that meatier ones would be, but that’s not the case at Market Table in New York City, where chef Andrew Sutin is highlighting the produce of the Hudson Valley with his ratatouille.

Also in New York, Creamline, a recently opened beer garden in Chelsea Market, is teaming with a local brewery and a local creamery for a float made with black lager. Stout beer floats are actually not that unusual, but one made with black lager instead is a new twist.

Tribune in Oakland, Calif., also has a sweet treat with dark flavors: Omri Aflalo’s s’mores cheesecake made with caramelized white chocolate and toasted marshmallow fluff.

In Chicago, Sara Clark, the beverage director of The Dearborn in Chicago, is making a purple, effervescent gin drink called the Violet Machete, and in Houston, at Indianola, chef and co-owner Vincent Huynh is making a skillet cornbread with Hopi Blue cornmeal.

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Correction: August 30, 2021
This gallery has been updated with more details about the Market Table ratatouille.
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