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Video: How independent restaurants impact the economy

Video: How independent restaurants impact the economy

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For the past few years, Restaurant Hospitality has been running short video interviews with independent restaurant owners. The series has been produced by Schedulefly, a supplier of Web-based restaurant employee scheduling and communication software for independent restaurants. The videos are companion pieces to a book, Restaurant Owners Uncorked: Twenty Owners Share Their Recipes for Success, written by Schedulefly partner Wil Brawley.

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“We did the book because we serve independent restaurants and we know it’s a tough business,” Brawley says. “We thought it would be good to find out what lessons these owners had learned, so we interviewed a bunch of owners and asked them about their success.”

Brawley next proposed the videos because he thought something was missing from the book. “I got to hear the owners tell their stories, but nobody else could. You couldn’t hear the inflection in their voice, the emotion, the passion; the only way to document that was to do a film with them talking about these subjects,” he says.

The filming yielded a bounty of footage. Some of that footage was combined into the latest project for Schedulefly, a longer video that describes the impact and importance of independent restaurants to the economy—a way to tell their story to the community.

“Between the book and videos, we like to invest in projects that will be useful, meaningful and inspiring to people in the independent restaurant business,” Brawley says. These videos are a good way for other owners and aspiring owners to learn more about the business.

The latest video is a slick way to explain how important restaurants are to the community. Feel free to embed it on your own website or on your social media channels to create buzz about supporting indies in your community. >>

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