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Owners test solutions to the bread dilemma

Owners test solutions to the bread dilemma

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More restaurants are jumping on the no-free-bread bandwagon, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Michael Bauer observed this week.

Bauer has observed four techniques for handling the issue.

One area restaurant doesn’t bring bread and doesn’t mention it on the menu, but does provide walnut levain with a cheese plate.

Another charges $5 for bread, with the day’s choices spelled out on a blackboard and baked by a master baker on staff.

Several others note “bread available by request.” About half of guests ask for it, so clearly that strategy is cutting down on the waste factor.

The recently reopened Fog City Diner lists Panorama bread with Straus EVOO butter on its menu for $3.

“If this trend has legs, before long standard bread service may cost diners a few extra bucks,” Bauer notes.

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