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Does the public still care about celebrity chefs?

Does the public still care about celebrity chefs?

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The cult status that celebrity chefs have enjoyed for the last decade may be on the wane, according to MarketWatch.

With Food Network viewership off by 10 percent over the past season and the lack of a new megastar a la Paula Deen, observers suggest that the public may be losing their enthusiasm for so-called star chefs.

In “10 things celebrity chefs won’t tell you,” MarketWatch serves up a number of well-known and less-known tidbits, including:

• TV cooking personalities, as practically everyone knows by now, often have no formal training.

• To keep up with the great demand for their cookbooks, celebrity chefs often outsource their recipes.

• The products they endorse are sometimes of questionable quality.

• Some celebrity chefs, stretched too thin, are having trouble maintaining quality at their own restaurants.

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