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2018 RH 25: Retail Worx Omakasa
Omakasa is a Retail Worx concept that blurs the line between full service and fast casual.

2018 RH 25: Retail Worx

Diversification that blends restaurant and retail

The 2018 class of Restaurant Hospitality's annual RH 25 looks at bold moves made by multiconcept operators — the companies that are crossing segments, shifting operations, building big or pivoting in some way. There is no ranking. These are companies to watch. See all concepts >>

HQ: New York City

Leadership: Jonathan Krieger, CEO; Christian Palikuca, COO; Shu De Jong, chief brand officer

Systemwide sales FY2017: Not disclosed

Concepts: Taco Dumbo (3 with a fourth to come this year), Omakasa (2), Bia and Bridges General (7)

Bridges General

What do a taqueria, a ramen shop and a high-end convenience store have in common? They’ve all been created by Retail Worx, a multiconcept group with a focus on service, experience and securing the perfect retail location.

Retail Worx was founded by commercial real estate broker Jonathan Krieger who saw retail declining in certain neighborhoods. At the same time, Krieger also saw how new retail brands could positively change whole neighborhoods. Now he leverages his relationship with developers and landlords to gain access to sought-after spots for his own retail endeavors.

His concepts might seem to have little in common, but the shared thread is they’re all “Spiritually Certified,” meaning the concepts focus on where they source their food, and how their outlets impact the surrounding neighborhoods and the environment. There’s also an emphasis on positive company culture — employees receive perks like gym memberships and chiropractic services.

Retail Worx’s restaurant concepts Omakasa and Taco Dumbo are New York-based and blur the line between full service and fast casual. Bridges General, a group of stylishly elevated convenience stores, have locations in New York and California with other states in the works. A high-intensity workout studio is on deck, and the company is also the largest shareholder in the self-serve gastro pub concept Randolph Beer and coffeebar and cafe chain Bluestone Lane.

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