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Flavorhook LLC Flavorhook LLC
Flavorhook LLC’s Town Hearth has a World War II minesweeper in a 5,000-gallon glass fish tank.

2018 RH 25: Flavorhook LLC

Giving guests something to talk about

The 2018 class of Restaurant Hospitality's annual RH 25 looks at bold moves made by multiconcept operators — the companies that are crossing segments, shifting operations, building big or pivoting in some way. There is no ranking. These are companies to watch. See all concepts >>

HQ: Dallas

Leadership: Owner/founder Nick Badovinus

Systemwide sales FY2017: Not disclosed

Concepts: Neighborhood Services (2); Neighborhood Services Bar Room & Broiler; Montlake Cut; Off-Site Kitchen; Perfect Union Pizza Co. and Town Hearth

Flavorhook LLC

Over-the top decor with a soupçon of restraint remains the design signature of hands-on restaurant creator Nick Badovinus, whose Dallas-based Flavorhook LLC’s portfolio of concepts ranges from laid-back burgers at his Off-Site Kitchen to the 6,000-square-foot Town Hearth with its 5,000-gallon glass fish tank that shows off a submerged vintage World War II minesweeper (painted in vibrant lemon yellow) and 60 sparkling chandeliers.

“I’ve been collecting and stashing away stuff for years,” he said. “It’s really only fun if you can share them, right?”

His designs also offer some pricing flexibility. “Going out to eat has always been about having a good time. The fun factor tends to increase as you go up the pricing ladder,” Badovinus said. “A big night out should involve getting dressed up and going out and seeing something that is a little surprising and amazing and something you can’t get at home or see every day.”

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Correction: October 05, 2018
This article has been updated to correct the spelling of Nick Badovinus' name.
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