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What chefs expect in 2016

Find out which trends top chefs expect will be hot in the coming year. Plus, here's what Kimpton found in its annual internal culinary survey of 162 culinary staff members across all properties:

“Bar seating vs. traditional sit-down...more small portions of richer foods and cocktail-friendly pairings…tartare dishes, plant-based dishes, shared plates, savory desserts, ancient grains and gluten-free dishes…fish as ‘The protein for 2016’…open fire roasting as ‘the biggest culinary technique in 2016,’ followed by pickling, brining/fermenting and smoking…biggest healthy food trends: super seeds like chia, hemp and flax, followed by plant protein and bone broth…braised foods and grilled seafood dishes…Portland, OR, as the ‘it’ city for U.S. foodies right now.”

7 restaurant trends for 2016
Top beverage trends for 2016

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