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Grilled Florida Lobster Tail with Pickled Fennel and Onion Salad

Grilled Florida Lobster Tail with Pickled Fennel and Onion Salad

2004 Rising Stars

Executive chef Chris Tapper
1220 at the Tides, Miami Beach, Fla.

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Yield: 1 serving.

1 lobster tail
1 pint watercress, stems removed
5 navel orange segments
5 grape tomatoes
4 oz. pickled fennel and onion salad (recipe follows)
1 bunch micro greens or herb salad to taste, lemon vinaigrette to taste, salt and pepper

10 fennel, julienned
8 Spanish onions, julienned
10 garlic cloves
2 carrots, brunoise
2 leeks, brunoise
2 Tbsp. fennel seeds
1 Tbsp. coriander seeds
1 sprig tarragon
1 sprig thyme
1 sprig parsley
2 qts. white wine
2 qts. Champagne vinegar

Remove lobster meat from the shell, season and grill. Mix watercress, tomatoes and pickled fennel and onion salad. Season with salt and pepper, and 1 tsp. pickling brine (see recipe that follows). Place the salad in center of the plate, and cover with fanned orange segments. Place lobster on orange segments. Dress micro greens with lemon vinaigrette, and place on top of the lobster.

Toast coriander and fennel seeds and wrap in cheesecloth sachet. Tie herbs into bouquet. Sweat the fennel, onions and garlic. Add liquids, sachet, bouquet and bring to a boil. Add carrot and leeks. Remove sachet and bouquet. Let it brine for 24 hours.

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