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6 forward-looking restaurants we’re dying to try in 2021

Despite the pandemic, chefs and restaurateurs are laying the groundwork for some splashy new openings in the new year

Renowned food writer and documenter of culinary culture Ruth Reichl recently examined the current restaurant situation in a piece for Zagat’s and summed it up with two words: “It’s dire.”

We couldn’t agree more. But Reichl also posits that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, even if we don’t know when that will be: “It’s really hard to know what’s going to happen with this pandemic … how quickly the vaccine will be available … how quickly people will be ready to go back to restaurants.”

Once that happens, Reichl sees the possibility of a restaurant renaissance where there are “real opportunities for young chefs and innovative people to really do some exciting things.”

We’ve found just a few examples — from the here and now and looking into the new year — of restaurateurs who are doing just that: Bringing excitement to restaurant-goers who are looking ahead to happier times.

Check out the newly opened restaurants, projects in the works and blueprints for the new year from Daniel Boulud, Michael Mina and more.

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