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Small Wonders

Small Wonders

With consumers embracing the idea of appetizers and searching for value in their restaurant experiences, small plates offer big profit potential. Our recipes this month aren't limited to appetizers, either. You'll also find dessert and breakfast ideas. From Chef Steven Jason of Mythos Restaurant at Universal Studios in Orlando comes the Blueberry Lemon Shooters dessert, and Chef Courtney Parks of City in Washington, DC, offers an all-day dining idea for Cheese and Bacon Scramble Mini-Pitas. Look for small but robust offerings such as Braised Pork Belly in Dashi from Chef Sean O'Brien of Zinnia Restaurant, and Filo Purses Stuffed with Mushrooms and Artichokes from Chef Annie Somerville of Greens Restaurant, both in San Francisco. These and other recipes follow.


Our website offers recipes developed just for full-service restaurants, plus a recipe database organized by chefs' names. This month, you'll find additional ideas for small plates at


Chef Stephen Greene, Devereaux's Restaurant, Greenville, SC

Chef Suzette Metcalfe, Rusty Harpoon, Maui

Chef John Brandt-Lee, Avalon Restaurant, West Chester, PA

Chef Tom Egerton, Crane's Tavern, Hilton Head, SC

Chef Steve Felenczak, Hyatt Regency Miami

Chef David Walzog, SW Steakhouse, Wynn Las Vegas

Chef Tom Douglas, Lola, Seattle

Chef David Woodward, Hilton New Orleans Riverside

Chef Brad Farmerie, Public, Double Crown, NYC

Chef Jeffrey Dunham, Grove Grill, Memphis

Chef Christian Masse, Allez, El Dorado, CA

Chefs Miguel Santiago and Mario Serrano, Hilton Hotel, Ft. Lauderdale