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Alaska King Crab Antipasto

INGREDIENTS:27 lbs. Alaska king crab legs, thawed if necessary
1 lb., 8 oz. steamed or marinated asparagus spears
1 lb., 8 oz. specialty cheese (feta, fontina, gorgonzola, pepper-jack, etc.)
1 lb., 8 oz. marinated Italian or green beans
1 lb., 2 oz. whole olives
12 oz. steamed or marinated whole baby/sliced carrots
12 oz. bottled pepperoncini, drained
12 oz. marinated sun-dried tomatoes or roasted red peppers
as needed, Italian parsley or lettuce, for garnish
as needed, bread slices or bread sticks for garnish DIRECTIONS:Remove crabmeat from shell. For each 2-person serving, on a large platter or charger arrange 18 oz. crabmeat, 2 oz. asparagus, 2 oz. cheese, 2 oz. green beans, 1.5 oz. olives, 1 oz. carrots, 1 oz. pepperoncini, 1 oz. sundried tomatoes or roasted peppers. Garnish with Italian parsley/lettuce and bread slices/sticks. Repeat for remaining portions. SERVINGS:12 2-person servings From: PHOTO CREDIT:Photo Credit: ALASKA SEAFOOD MARKETING INSTITUTE