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Soba Egg Bowl

INGREDIENTS:24eggs, hard-cooked
4 ½ lbs.soba noodles, cooked al dented, drained andrinsed
2 tsps.white sesame seeds, toasted
1 ½ ozs.sesame ginger stir fry sauce (purchased), warmed
2 lbs.fresh vegetable mixture: broccoli, onions, carrots, bok choy, red pepper, all sliced
1 Tbsp.ginger, minced
2 cupswonton strips, fried
1 bunchscallions, slicedDIRECTIONS:1. Heat oiled stir fry pan; sauté vegetables. Add noodles and seasoning and stir until heated through.

2. Place in large serving bowl and top with chopped eggs in a circle. Drizzle sesame ginger sauce over top and garnish with wonton strips and scallions. SERVINGS:12 servings From:udy Craig, Senior Student Nutrition Manager, Friendship Elementary School PHOTO CREDIT:Photo Credit: EGG BOARD