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Mediterranean Egg Timbale

INGREDIENTS:2 13.75-oz. cans quartered artichoke hearts, drained (about 48)
2 cups chopped spinach leaves, sauteed
2 cups sliced mushrooms, sauteed
2 cups goat cheese
2 Tbsp. chopped fresh oregano
12 large eggs (1 lb., 5 oz. frozen or liquid whole egg product)
2 cups heavy cream
2 cups half and half
4 oz. sour cream
1 Tbsp. dry mustard
to taste, salt and pepper
5-6 egg yolks (4 oz. frozen/liquid egg yolk product)
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
½ cup water
¼ tsp. hot pepper sauce
1 cup butter, clarified
1 Tbsp. white wine
½ cup chopped chives
to taste, salt and pepper
36 medium tomato slices, firm, seasoned and grilled (approx. 12 oz.) DIRECTIONS:In each of of 4 spray-coated muffin tins (using a 6-muffin tin), line bottom with parchment paper circles. Divide and arrange the artichokes, spinach, mushrooms, goat cheese and oregano in bottom of cups.

In a bowl, blend all the ingredients. Fill the muffin cups with egg mixture. Bake at 325°F on a cookie sheet for 25 to 30 minutes, or until set. Use a small knife to cut around the sides of each cup and turn out timbales.

In saucepan, whisk egg yolks, lemon juice, water and hot pepper sauce until blended. Stirring constantly, cook over low heat until the yolk mixture thickens, bubbles at edges, and sauce reaches 160°F. Remove from heat; slowly stir in butter and wine and heat through. Stir in chives and season to taste. Cover and keep warm.

For each serving, place 3 warm tomato slices on plate. Top tomato slices with 2 egg timbales. Spoon about 2 tsp. sauce over each serving of timbale. Garnish as desired. Serve immediately. SERVINGS:12 servings, 2 timbales each From:Executive Chef Mich'l Garbin, Union League Club, Chicago PHOTO CREDIT:Photo Credit: AMERICAN EGG BOARD