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Equipment News

Equipment News

How You Slice It

The versatile Duo-Slicer from Oliver Products allows you to cut two loaves of bread into two thicknesses with just one machine, both for hard crust and soft crust breads. Visit or call 800-253-3893.

Green Brushes

Colortech™ Rotary Brushes for floor care are a new addition to the Carlisle Sanitary Maintenance Products family of “green” products. The brushes, made with multi-level nylon filament bristles infused with Silicone Carbide grit, clean more effectively and are available in six color-coded grades that match standard colors used for floor pads. Call 800-654-8210 or visit

Economy Refrigeration

Manitowoc Foodservice has reintroduced its McCall Refrigeration line to cater to operators looking for dependable, energy-efficient equipment that is competitively priced. The new economy line features reach-in coolers and freezers, prep tables, undercounters, equipment stands and more. For details, visit the website:

Slip-Resistant Shoes

The dainty Princess shoe for women is just one of 60 styles of slip-resistant footwear from Shoes for Crews® all backed by the $5,000 Slip and Fall Warranty. For information, visit

Efficient Processor

Prepare 850 servings in just 3 hours with the continuous feed vegetable prep attachment for the R2N commercial food processor from Robot Coupe. Its 21 processing discs offer quality continuous shredding, slicing, julienne and grating of food. For details, call 800-824-1646 or visit

Modular Ice Machine

The new Energy Star-approved modular Crescent Cuber Ice Machine from Hoshizaki America produces up to 460 lb. of ice within 24 hours and fits easily on top of an ice storage bin. For product information, visit Hoshizaki's website: