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New on the menu: Philly cheesesteak egg rolls and a piney Manhattan

Plus sweet potato gnocchi, a beef dish from Puebla, and the latest from Michael Beltran

Chef Michael Beltran and his Ariete Hospitality Group recently opened a Mediterranean restaurant called Eva at CocoWalk, and open-air mall in the Miami neighborhood of Coconut Grove. There he is serving a rich dish of date pancakes topped with foie gras.

In Asheville, N.C., at Little D’s, sous chef Faith Hall has dreamed up a gnocchi dish served with her own version of chile crisp along with jam made with local bacon and coffee from a local roaster (the coffee itself is from the Indonesian island of Sumatra).

Tuna tartare gets a new spin at Marc Zimmerman’s latest restaurant, Yokai in San Francisco, where it’s augmented by a gelée made with the tuna bones and served with nori-dusted rice paper.

A bit south of there in Palo Alto, Calif., at Sekoya Lounge & Kitchen, a Manhattan gets a unique boost with a syrup made with baby pinecones, and as football season approaches its crescendo, The George Sportsman’s Lounge at the new Durango Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is offering a game day-oriented snack of Philly cheesesteak egg rolls.

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