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New on the Menu: Chicken skin with caviar and Southwestern dandan noodles

Plus a low-waste Espresso Martini, vegan katsu and a strawberry rhubarb salad

Chef Angelo Sosa is a cosmopolitan man, currently ensconced in Phoenix at a restaurant called Tia Carmen, where he is using regional ingredients such as mesquite pods and New Mexican chiles to make a dish he says is inspired by Chinese dandan noodles.

Chefs working for the Miami-based vegan concept Planta draw on their Chinese and Filipino heritages, plus some Japanese influence, to make a bao bun stuffed with braised and fried daikon.

And at Kono, a new Japanese omakase restaurant in New York City, chicken skin is the carrier of a Japanese type of chicken salad and topped with caviar.

Also in New York, Bar Beau is celebrating strawberry and rhubarb season with a salad topped with dehydrated strawberries, and at Bay 6, part of a restaurant incubator in Nashville, beverage director and managing partner Beau Gaultier shows how to use ingredients that would normally be thrown away and turns them into a $15 cocktail.

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