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New on the Menu

New on the Menu: Burmese tea leaf salad and a Lebanese taco

Plus vegan street food, Vietnamese-inspired sweet potatoes and bone marrow for two

It’s not surprising to have two cauliflower dishes in two weeks in New on the Menu, because having the brassica vegetable pose as meat is one of the trendiest things to do these days, which is why last week’s pan-roasted cauliflower is being followed by this week’s cauliflower filling in for shawarma.

More surprising is two bone marrow dishes in a row, but nonetheless, although we saw beef tartare in a marrow bone last week, this week we see bone marrow for two at Zazu in Las Vegas, which catches diners’ attention and fetches a hefty price tag.

Speaking of tag’s, FNG, part of Troy Guard’s TAG Restaurant Group in Denver, is dishing up sweet potatoes dressed in nuoc cham, the beloved Vietnamese condiment.

Coming from a completely different part of mainland Southeast Asia, Myanmar (aka Burma), The Dutchess in Ojai, Calif., is offering a salad based on fermented tea leaves.

And finally in Chicago, at Evette’s, customers are treated to food that draws influence form Mexico and Lebanon.

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Correction: January 25, 2022
The description of Bar Zazu's bone marrow has been corrected.
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