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Hello Kitty parent 'eggs' L.A. bowling alley

Sanrio puts Gudetama, a lazy egg character from the Japanese retail brand, on everything from the lanes to pizza pies.

Sanrio Inc., the Japanese company behind Hello Kitty, has teamed with Los Angeles bar-lounge creator 1933 Group to feature its lazy egg Gudetama, a yolk character popularized for its listless and forlorn look, in a pop-up collaboration that involves decor, cocktails, food and events in a bowling alley. 

The Gudetama pop-up follows in the wake of Sanrio’s first Hello Kitty Grand Cafe, a brick-and-mortar retail concept that the company opened in September in Irvine, Calif.

The Gudetama space, which will be open through February, is in the Highland Park Bowl, a cocktail bar-bowling alley venue established in 1927 and now owned and operated by 1933 Group.

The animated Gudetama character takes over the venue’s bowling lanes, cocktails, pizzas and even collectible merchandise. Take a look at the Gudetama pop-up. 

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