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Best Sandwiches in America: Meet the 2014 winners

Best Sandwiches in America: Meet the 2014 winners

Every day, millions of people walk out of office buildings or off the construction site to take a lunch break that often involves eating a sandwich. And what do they eat? If you’re the betting type, the smart money would be either on turkey or a hamburger—two good and obvious choices. But if you look at the results of this year’s Best Sandwiches Contest, you’d see that there are so many other exciting options out there. Restaurant Hospitality editors were blown away by the variety of sandwiches entered in this contest, and the creativity that went into designing them. Sure, we have a best turkey sandwich winner and a best hamburger winner, and we’d order both any day of the week, but we sure as hell wouldn’t have the same sandwich more than once every two weeks because you—our favorite RH devotees—kick some serious ass in the sandwich-making department. So, without further ado, here are this year’s winners of the Best Sandwiches in America Contest.

—The Editors

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