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10 of the best new entrées at independent restaurants across the country

These are standout dishes submitted by readers and selected by Restaurant Hospitality editors

What makes for a spectacular new entrée?

It isn’t necessarily a dish that’s particularly fancy or the product of super-expensive ingredients. It doesn’t have to be a one-of-a-kind dish or something that’s never been tried before.

We received close to 100 submissions for the Best New Menu Item contest, and what we looked for in judging these dishes were entrées that stood out for innovation, representing culinary trends or crave-worthy flavor combinations.

Among the winners are some interesting cross cultural dishes that matched Cajun flavors with Asian techniques or Detroit-style pizza. Pork, seabass and beef raised different ways also stepped into the spotlight. And there were show stoppers, like elegant pressed duck and sliders drenched in cheesy fondue sauce.

Coming soon: Our picks for both Best Appetizers and Best Desserts from our reader submissions.

Here’s a look at the 10 best new entrees at independent restaurants across the country, submitted by readers and selected by the editorial team at Restaurant Hospitality.

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