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New on the Menu: Two dishes with labneh and a boozy agua fresca

Plus the milder side of Korean cuisine and a low-waste tomato dish

What do you do with all the leftover trim from your heirloom tomatoes?

Well, Nicole Brisson, executive chef of Brezza in Las Vegas makes an aspic out of it and serves it with the ingredients of a caprese salad.

How do you honor the Lebanese immigrants to Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula?

Jorge Guzmán, the chef of Sueño in Dayton, Ohio, serves a dish with Middle Eastern flavors at the modern Mexican restaurant.

In New York City, Suyoung Park, the chef of Jungsik, is showing that Korean food is not all about grilled meat and gochujang with a fish dish on the restaurant’s tasting menu that incorporates a sauce based on the mild soymilk broth of the cold noodle soup called Kong-Guksu.

Meanwhile, in a different part of New York City, Matt Abdoo of Pig Beach is showing that he doesn’t just know how to smoke pork; he can do lamb, too.

And finally at the Peninsula Beverly Hills, food & beverage manager Reggie Maharaj offers rooftop guests a spiked watermelon agua fresca.

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Correction: September 07, 2021
The misspelling of Suyoung Park's name has been corrected. Additionally, more details have been added about the garnish on Sueño's beet dish.
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