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New on the Menu: Mushrooms ceviche and pasta

Plus a salad by Nick Bognar, lobster carbonara, and a Persian-inspired cocktail in Utah

St. Louis chef Nick Bognar has a new sushi-focused restaurant called Sado, where he is using local produce and Japanese techniques to create a salad that he says is “a cornucopia of flavors and textures.”

At Ocean Social in Miami Beach, Fla., you would expect the ceviche to be made with seafood — actually, you’d expect ceviche to be made with fish anywhere — but instead chef Tristen Epps makes one using king trumpet mushrooms. He says he didn’t mean to make it completely free of animal products; it just happened that way.

Other mushrooms, specifically porcini, shiitake, and oyster, are at the center of the plate of a pasta dish at Osteria Lupo, which just opened in New Orleans.

Another pasta dish, this one featuring roast lobster, is on-hand at Stiltsville, in Miami, and in Salt Lake City, at Urban Hill, beverage manager Bijan Ghiai serves a fruity and herbaceous cocktail that reminds him of his mother’s Persian home cooking.

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