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New on the Menu: A Haitian salmon burger and a sports bar’s vegetarian sandwich

Plus an arepa inspired by lox and bagels, a street snack from Mumbai and Japanese-Indonesian crudo

Even in 2022, vegetarians might not expect many options when eating at a sports bar in a casino, but 360 Sports at the Agua Caliente casino in Palm Springs is trying to change that, with a hearty hero of broccolini and Brussels sprouts.

At Jattö in Miami, lox and bagels and chef Henry Hané’s Jewish and South American heritage contribute to an arepa topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon roe and everything bagel spice.

Ryan Costanza, chef of The Electric Jane, a new dining and live music venue in Nashville by Jason Scoppa and Sam Bakhshandehpour, makes his own condiment of roasted pineapple and peanuts and uses that to dress hamachi crudo.

Next Door Street Bar, a nine-unit concept with restaurants currently open in Indianapolis and Colorado, is serving its own version of sev potato dahi puri, a street snack from India, and at Drip Beverage Lounge, a coffee house in the Brooklyn, N.Y., neighborhood of Little Haiti, owner Mitchell Senat uses a Haitian jerk blend to spice up a salmon burger.

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Correction: February 22, 2022
This gallery has been updated with more details about The Electric Jane's hamachi crudo.
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