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New on the Menu

New on the Menu: Food and drink from restaurants for customers practicing social distancing

Options from Loulou Petit Bistro & Speakeasy, Junzi Kitchen, Sushi Roku, Café Spiaggia and River Roast

Restaurants are continuing to find ways to nourish and entertain their customers while they practice social distancing to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Loulou Petit Bistro & Speakeasy in New York City is one of a growing number of cocktail experts that are bottling their crafted drinks for delivery.

Also in New York, Junzi Kitchen has introduced a weekly “Chef’s Study,” for which customers order a curated meal delivery via Eventbrite and then tune in to the restaurant’s Instagram account for plating suggestions and a discussion of each dish.

Sushi Roku in Newport Beach, Calif., has assembled a sushi meal for four available for curbside pickup, and Chicago restaurants Cafe Spiaggia and River Roast are making use of upgrades from the Tock reservation app that allows guests to order food for pickup.

River Roast is offering multicourse meals for guests to take home. Café Spiaggia, meanwhile, has put together a pasta meal kit that guests can assemble and heat up at home. Cooking instructions are included.

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