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New on the menu: Crab khachapuri and horchata ice cream bubble waffles

Restaurant Hospitality looks at new and innovative food and beverage items trending across the independent restaurant landscape

If the cuisine of the Republic of Georgia ever gets traction in the United States, it will be because of khachapuri, the oblong cheesy bread topped with an egg. At Tzarevna, a wine bar in New York City that bills itself as Eastern European but really offers food from all over the former Soviet Union, and specializes in Georgian wine, chef and owner Ricky Dolinsky has scored points with local media with his crab-stuffed version of the dish.

Elsewhere in seafood, Sunny Oh is jazzing up salmon tartare at Juvia in Miami Beach, Fla., with the fishy vinegar condiment tosazu, and crumbles of the savory Japanese rice crackers arare.

Plenty is going on at brunch: Jaleo in Las Vegas just started serving it, and among the highlights is a hearty egg-and-rice dish featuring pork belly and banana; and at Zizi, a new spot in New York City that serves brunch every day, Tel Aviv is the inspiration for its French toast topped with halva, date honey and more.

If that’s not sweet enough, Dolly Llama in Los Angeles has a treat of horchata ice cream wrapped in a bubble waffle — the crunchy waffles with large, egg-shaped protrusions that you can now find at many East Asian dessert shops.

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