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New on the Menu: Caviar fries and shrimp sinigang

Plus swordfish schnitzel, squid two ways and a cocktail for six

Taking luxurious ingredients and putting them on something that everyone loves is a pretty longstanding trend, but it’s increasing in popularity thanks to people like the creative minds behind The Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne, Fla., who are dressing fries with crème fraîche and caviar and serving it with a side of ranch.

At The Graceful Ordinary, a tavern in St. Charles, Ill., guests can enjoy nose-to-tail — or rather tentacle-to-tail — squid: They’re served the bodies stuffed with sausage, plus crispy fried tentacles.

A seafood option at Seabird in Wilmington, N.C., is swordfish schnitzel, while another one, in New York City, is the shrimp sinigang at Pig & Khao, where chef Leah Cohen draws inspiration from chefs who make fried chicken sinigang, who themselves are inspired by the traditional Philippine dish, which is not fried at all and contains neither shrimp nor chicken, but pork.

You can enjoy a cocktail with six friends (or fewer if you like; no one’s judging, just don’t drive) dispensed out of a pineapple-shaped container at Percheron in Kanas City.

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