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Steve Ells on Chipotle’s two-decade success story

Steve Ells on Chipotle’s two-decade success story

Industry icon Steve Ells says focusing on constant improvement has fueled Chipotle’s rise to the top of the fast-casual world. Former Chipotle partner McDonald’s, meanwhile, is fending off critics of its new financial advice website for employees. And more restaurant owners are adopting part-time-only hiring policies to skirt looming health insurance requirements. Two groups—baby boomers and diners who prefer to eat at the bar—are supplying growth opportunities for restaurants.

Chipotle founder Steve Ells discusses the ingredients behind two decades in business. In a revealing interview, Steve Ells talks about building the Chipotle brand to 1,400 units in 20 years. (Denver Westword)

Restaurant shift: sorry, just part-time. Concerned about the cost of health insurance, many restaurant owners are opting to replace full-time help with part-timers. (The Wall Street Journal)

Restaurants rethink menus to woo baby boomers. After years of chasing the Gen X/Y and millennial demographic, restaurants have figured out that boomers are the ones spending money. (NBC News)

McDonald's offers budget tool for workers -- who may need a second job. McDonald’s has opened itself up to broad criticism after launching a website designed to help employees manage their finances. (Los Angeles Times)

The beauty of eating at the bar. Many consumers like eating at the bar—because it's more informal, better for a single and there's often seats available. (The Atlantic)

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