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Small-plates supporters fire back

Small-plates supporters fire back

Small plates continue to be a big trend at Los Angeles restaurants. Lobster prices remain high at restaurants, despite an overabundance of the crustacean. More meat-eaters are opting to eat vegetarian substitutes. Vendors at state fairs across the country face steep pressure to make profits on zany, high-calorie creations. And fine-dining restaurants in New York are ditching unattractive loaner jackets for designer blazers.

Small plates still big. Despite detractors, the small-plates trend continues to go strong in Los Angeles. (Daily Dish/Los Angeles Times)

High menu prices for lobster persist. Lobster is less like a commodity than like a luxury good, keeping menu prices high. (The New Yorker)

Carnivores eat more fake meat. The popularity of meat substitutes is growing — and not just among vegetarians. (The Salt/NPR)

State fair vendors innovate to survive. Small purveyors battle bigger rivals as each tries to top the others in food gimmicks. (The Wall Street Journal)

Dressing up the loaner jacket. Fine-dining restaurants in New York and elsewhere are replacing unattractive loaner blazers with stylish designer versions. (The New York Times)

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