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Chew on this: Restaurants encourage snap-happy diners

Chew on this: Restaurants encourage snap-happy diners

Restaurant operators are realizing the potential of social networks like Instagram to boost business. An economist says Obamacare could be driving leisure and hospitality industry job growth. Some restaurants seem to play too fast-and-loose when pricing wines. New York City eateries are experimenting with composting. And Tennessee officials are cracking down on fruit- and herb-infused cocktails.

Restaurants encourage snap-happy diners. Some operators are realizing the potential of photo-based social networks to boost business. (The Wall Street Journal)

Are restaurant franchises dodging Obamacare? An economist speculates that the Affordable Care Act could be driving industry job growth. (The New Entrepreneur/Bloomberg Businessweek)

Highs and (rare) lows in wine prices. Restaurants have many costs to cover when pricing wines, but some seem to take it too far. (The Wall Street Journal)

New York City eateries experiment with composting. Some say finding ways to accommodate more bins, staff time and expense will be a struggle. (The New York Times)

Tennessee cracks down on fruit-infused cocktails. Mixologist alert: State officials are looking to put the brakes on some of your most creative concoctions. (The Tennesseean/WBIR)

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