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Inside Dallas' edgy Midnight Rambler cocktail bar

Two of the country’s top bartenders, Chad Solomon (Pegu Club, Milk & Honey) and Christy Pope (Milk & Honey and Bryant Park Hotel) are the guiding force behind Midnight Rambler, a new craft cocktail bar below The Joule hotel in Dallas. They hired a hotshot L.A. design firm to create a subterranean bar inspired by the dark glamour of old-school rock ‘n’ roll. Their offerings are categorized by aromatic, sour-based, sparkling, shots, punch and house-made sodas. Many of their drinks include mineral water from nearby Mineral Wells, TX, and a few drops of house-made saline solution goes into every cocktail to provide a subtle brightness. Here’s a look at the space and some of their cocktails.

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Photos: Shayna Fontana

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