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The next plant-based craze: Plant-based egg

Plant-based beef replacements have been among the top-growing menu items overall in recent years, but as a growing number of consumers (even ones who aren’t vegetarians) look for meat replacements at every meal, plant-based eggs are growing fast on U.S. menus as well.

Typically made with bean protein or a similar alternative, plant-based eggs are now available in all forms in which eggs are typically served — from scrambled to omelet-style to hard boiled. There are also widely available plant-based substitutes for eggs in baked goods from cookies to breads.

Despite only a sliver of the U.S. population calling themselves vegan, consumers continue to flock to these plant-based replacements as an easy way to consume fewer animal products.

According to market research firm Datassential, 45% of the population know of plant-based eggs, and 14% have tried them.

Click through the gallery to learn more about this Flavor of the Week and see how one restaurant is using plant-based eggs on its menu.

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