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Best Sandwiches in America 2020: Editors' Picks

During this very challenging year, as consumers endure heightened anxiety levels on a number of fronts, they have embraced the most comforting and familiar foods — and that means sandwiches.

Restaurant Hospitality put out the call for the Best Sandwiches across America, as we do every year, and we got hundreds of responses. Restaurants are struggling to survive, but they are still innovating and designing some delicious sandwich options. Many of these have the added advantage of traveling well for delivery and pickup.

Our editorial team combed through each submission and picked their favorites, representing what we see are trends. There were a lot of fried chicken sandwiches and so many variations with pork. We also saw terrific use of kimchi incorporated into ingredients, and whole croquettes or fried potato balls added as a layer allowing for dramatic presentation when the sandwich is cut in half.

Here are some sandwiches from our editors' picks that didn't make the final cut but we consider runner-ups. Take a look at the Best Sandwiches in America: Editors' Picks.  

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