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best-sandwiches-2-sabich.png Spice Boys Kitchen Food Truck

Best Sandwiches in America 2019: Vegetarian

Winner: The Sabich

Restaurant:  Spice Boys Kitchen Food Truck, Sarasota, Fla.

Units: 1

Price: $13

Food cost:  $3

Creator: Steven Schmitt and Carl Kolber

Ingredients: Fried eggplant, crispy potatoes, pickled cabbage slaw, a medium-boiled egg —  not too runny — garlic-confit tahini, skhug and amba (described as a “tangy yet potent mango-pickled sauce”) all stuffed into a baked pita imported from Israel.

What makes it special: This sandwich embodies the increasingly popular Israeli cuisine trend. It’s classic Tel Aviv street food, eaten for breakfast or lunch. It’s colorful, spicy and bold, and there is no need for meat or anything tricked out to resemble meat. (Vegans order the sandwich without the egg.)

The Sabich has been on the menu since Kolber and Schmitt launched the food truck in February, and now it’s a flagship sandwich and top seller.

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