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Best Sandwiches in America 2015: Meet the winners

Last year’s Best Sandwich contest, the second, was a runaway hit. This year was even bigger; you went absolutely nuts. The number of entries nearly doubled and the creativity level went through the roof. Take a bow, playas!

That’s the good news. The bad news is that there were a ton of truly great entries that didn’t make the cut. We’re talking about sandwiches we’d drive hundreds of miles to eat. That hurts us as judges and we are pretty sure it’s not going to make a lot of you happy, either. But that’s life in the cutthroat world of sandwich making: Only one can stand atop the mountain of each category.

Once again, you’ve proven that the burger is king of the sandwich world. The number of entries in this category far exceeded any other. We were so blown away by how many mouth-watering versions you’ve come up with, it made us wonder why anyone would opt to eat the conveyor belt impostors dispensed by the drive-thru giants.

As amazing as your burger entries were, the judges were left speechless by the many terrific sandwiches entered in the remaining categories. Damn, you people are good. So enough with the high praise: Here are this year’s winners of the Best Sandwiches in America Contest.

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