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Best Sandwiches in America: Meet the 2013 winners

Best Sandwiches in America: Meet the 2013 winners

On the Best Sandwiches entry form, the editors of Restaurant Hospitality confessed our undying love for sandwiches. And from the overall response we got back, you may love them as much as we do. Hundreds of best sandwich entries poured in, and one thing has become quite clear: sandwiches in America have never been more interesting and creative.


Lobster roll

Slide show: Runners up

Many of them resemble in a small way the sandwiches our parents and grandparents enjoyed. But, man, have you really jacked them up. Smart, clever touches and ingredients have elevated standard, even classic sandwiches, to another level entirely.

Originally, we had created eight sandwich categories to judge. But so many interesting entries were submitted, we expanded the categories to 12. That should be good news for all because we’re naming 12 Best Sandwich Contest winners and two honorable mentions in each category.

And what’s up with you, Los Angeles? Based on the number of entries and the results of this competition, L.A. is not taking a back seat to any sandwich-loving city.

We could talk all day about the rise of the “better sandwich segment” and bury you with facts and figures about how important sandwiches are to your bottom line, but we chose instead to show you exactly the types of sandwich that will make you a hero in your hometown. So without further ado, we present the winners of the Best Sandwiches in America Contest.

— The Editors

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